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Past Conference Speakers

2024 - Pat Doering; Scott Pope and Katie Lawson; David Wolf and Shellie Cartwright w/Mike McCowan

2023 - John Woosnam and Cesar Sedano; Matt Wilkins and Eddie Quintana; Erik Guzman and Alli Larison

2022 - Michael Korach and Scott Robertson; John Vance and Taylor Hawkins
2021 - JD Byas and Dr. Andy Young

2020 - Daniel Hurst; Charles Crosby and Joseph Capece
2019 - Matt Arnold and Billy Hursh; Vincent Dalfonzo
2018 - Harry Drucker and

Larry Gordon
2017 - Pat Doering; Dr. Andy Young; Vincent Dalfonzo

2016 - Jason White; David Huff;

Dan Oblinger             


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